Rollercoaster Ride

April 13, 2017 SRCollins Comments Off on Rollercoaster Ride

Rollercoaster Ride

Getting a book published is definitely a rollercoaster ride, with plenty of ups and downs, and a ton of heart-sputtering fears. Is my book good enough? Will people even want to purchase my book? What if sucks and people leave horrendous reviews? Oh, God. I can’t do it. I’m pulling it!!!! 

Those, and many more were my thoughts through the whole process, but then I see the finished product and those fears slowly seem to dissipate. Do I still have worries? Of course, but I won’t let my fears stop me from attempting to live out my dream of putting my words to paper and sharing it with the world. I’m sure all authors, at one time or another, degraded their work, and if they didn’t then I would be worried.

So, don’t be afraid to jump on the rollercoaster! Go ahead and climb on and enjoy the ride, regardless of your fears.

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